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Why was the DANGER Report created?

  • NAR Leadership tasked the Strategic Thinking Advisory Committee to develop a wide-ranging list on the threats and challenges facing the real estate industry in the next 3- 5 years.

  • NAR engaged the services of leading industry author and visionary Stefan Swanepoel to help research and write a comprehensive Report.

  • The report purposely does not provide any solutions but seeks to encourage an industry wide conversation about the most pressing challenges before laying a foundation for the formulation of solutions.

Factoids on the DANGER Report
Stefan Swanepoel talks to industry leaders about connecting with consumers (2:40)
  • The DANGER Report is based on 74 one-on-one interviews of industry CEOs and leaders conducted by Stefan Swanepoel.

  • Comments from those interviewed were confidential and no input was attributed to any particular individuals.

  • The Report does not seek to place blame or assess the past performance or activities of any organization. It is designed as a forward-looking assessment of possible challenges over the next few years.

  • Report also includes data from a comprehensive national survey with input from 7,899 REALTORS®.

  • Research also includes review of an exhaustive list of 200+ studies, reports, white papers, abstracts and surveys on all related issues – total of 6,051 pages.

Danger Report Insights
At a Crossroads (2:51)

Stefan Swanepoel speaks with Colleen Badagliacco (2015 Chair of NAR's Strategic Thinking Advisory Committee), Diane Ruggiero (CEO of Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS®), Matthew Consalvo (CEO of Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service), Dallas Hancock (CEO of Peoria Area Association of REALTORS®), and Joel Singer (CEO of California Association of REALTORS®) on the real estate industry being at a crossroads.
Remaining Relevant (2:37)

Stefan Swanepoel speaks with Richard Barkett (CEO of Great Fort Lauderdale REALTORS®), Pam O'Connor (President & CEO of Leading RE), Christine Todd (CEO of Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS®), and Bob Hale (President & CEO of Houston Association of REALTORS®) on remaining relevant.
The Data Challenge (2:42)

Stefan Swanepoel speaks with Kipp Cooper (Association Executive from Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS®), Paul Hilgers (CEO of Austin Board of REALTORS®), Art Carter (CEO of California Regional MLS), and Gary Simonsen (CEO of Canadian Real Estate Association) on what keeps them up at night and the challenge of big data.