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36 Dangers
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Why was the DANGER Report created?

  • The Canadian real estate industry has enjoyed a prolonged period of prosperity. And over decades REALTORS® have shown that they can adapt and thrive in varying conditions.

  • But there is no safety zone, change is everywhere, and it is not always clear when it is going to be disruptive.

  • It is in that spirit that CREA embraces the ethos of the Danger Report. A thoughtful, sober examination of the state of our industry. Stefan Swanepoel has a track record of asking the questions that need to be asked, sniffing out the cultural and economic trends that are brewing, and synthesizing the information in a way that it can be used to foster important conversations about the future.

  • We hope you will read this report and take part in the conversations we need to have to steward our industry into a prosperous tomorrow. We need all of us working together to make this happen.